Sovereign Downriggers dates to 1971 when the Proos family began manufacturing high quality downriggers in Grand Rapids, MI. In 2013 the Proos family sold their fishing equipment business to Sovereign LLC. *Sovereign LLC is not associated with Proos Manufacturing Inc.


    The economical, high efficiency Explorer Down-Troller is designed to save your energy for landing the big ones.  Every turn of the Down Troller handle reels in two feet of cable-and that means more time for fishing action! With the explorer’s slip clutch and adjustable brake, you can control weight descent and retrieval, stopping your weight anywhere you want it.  And you won’t have to worry about bottom snags stealing your valuable fishing equipment. Standard features of the Explorer include your choice of five outboard arm lengths, 200 feet of 150-pound test steel cable, digital depth counter, all metal deck mounting plate with sturdy hold down knobs, and button release.  All the features which combine to deliver top performance under the most demanding conditions!